The London Muslim Lifestyle show

The London Muslim Lifestyle show

The London Muslim Lifestyle show is a hugely popular event which was attended by thousands of Muslims.


There were over 200 exhibitors participating in the event, from food to modest fashion, charity and other lifestyle sectors. The event ran for two days and tickets sold out on both days.




RFSI hired a stall in a prime location at the venue which secured great access to human traffic from the inner market stalls as well as traffic from people seeking the prayer area or the conference attendance throughout the two-day event.


Our stall promoted RSFI, C-THRU and the Quran competition through roller banners used to structure the stall together with printed marketing material and promotional items. The stall was very visual, elegant and eye-catching and was successful in attracting visitors. Unlike other charity stalls who barely had any interest.




The stall had a collection of leaflets and giveaways which included branded trolley rings, coasters, draw-straw bags with C-THRU branding and baseball caps. This helped to successfully attract attention to the stall. A huge number of people were seen walking around the venue with the bags and caps therefore raising the profile of the project. This was evident as we had many visitors coming to the stall who had seen others with the paraphernalia enquiring at the stall for more information about our projects.


Team members also walked around the venue distributing a collection of leaflets to promote RFSI work to ensure that the maximum number of visitors were reached




Visitors approaching the stall and showing interest to know more about RSFI were also asked to fill out registration forms to give RSFI permission to contact them with RSFI newsletters and information or promotion of other RSFI projects. We managed an impressive 125+ registrations completed over the 2 days’ event with some even registering their interest to become RSFI or C-THRU volunteers.




The exhibition also provided opportunities to identify other important and prestigious organisations who provide services to
the same target audience. The event also helped the team learn more about upcoming events which could be considered to join or participate in.


The event also enabled great connections with numerous key people from the different walks of life, including a service user of a previous RFSI young leader’s project who attributes his success to his involvement with RSFI at some point previously; Quran competition attendees, on top of many others in the different industries like fashion, charity, investment and law firms, other charities and many more. The Director of Fashion Company, Modessa, a Muslim revert who showed willingness to tell about her journey into Islam on our platform and many others who their business cards were captured and kept on Dropbox for future use.




Overall, the feedback on the stall was overwhelmingly positive. Many people showed great interest in C-THRU and identified that there was a need for the project. There was great interest in the Quran Competition from people who hadn’t heard of the competition before, which would help to diversify and attract new talent to the competition. Many of the stalls who teach Arabic and Quran also found great interest to let their students know about the completion and let them enrol to test their levels.


Something for everyone, from everywhere – under one roof, uniting Muslim lifestyle brands with consumers like no other event on this scale! Wonderful to see the growth of the show since its inception” Rooful Ali


“Muslim Lifestyle Show was absolutely phenomenal! Such an amazing event. Well done to the organisers for doing such a fabulous job and bringing the community and so many businesses together on such a brilliant platform. Thank you to all of you and all the amazing people that attended the show over the weekend” Razia Sultana



  • Establishing on ground presence
  • Raise brand awareness for RSFI and C-THRU
  • Promoting RFSI and its active projects
  • Networking and connecting with target audience and possible collaborators
  • Open discussions about partnership opportunities
  • Registration forms for RSFI audience to be contacted (GDPR compliant)
  • Recruit Volunteers and populate our database accordingly (GDPR compliant)
  • Face to face connection with people to get ideas and help shape future events